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Talking can release many emotions, some we might not have even known were there. We may choose to escape them by overworking, finding distractions such as being on social media, over consuming or sleeping them away. 


When left unacknowledged tension can build up and have a negative impact on our lives and people around us. We may shut ourselves off from the world, become 'snappy', or pretend to be more focused than we actually are so we don't give the impression that we are struggling. This can slow us down, make us feel guilty and cause more problems creating a vicious cycle of feeling stuck.

I am here as your life coach to help unfold your story and provide tools to help you deal with any issues, big or small. Sometimes it is enough just to be truly listened to and feel understood - an experience that is becoming increasingly rare in our busy lives. We will identify your goals, what may be holding you back and work through emotions to plan with clarity what can transform your life.

What happens in a coaching session?

With no preconceived ideas or expectations, your coach is not here to judge. Instead, is curious and encouraging, creating a refreshing atmosphere for you to completely be yourself. 

Coaching sessions are a place to discover and work towards your goals in the best way to suit you. I will support you by being honest, objective and sincere in wanting you to feel true happiness and fulfilment. Listening intently, I will ask questions on varying levels opening up further possibilities and stimulating greater awareness, enabling you to explore and process your thoughts in a structured way. 


In each session you will have an opportunity to choose an outcome that you would like to have reached at the end. This can be a feeling, something tangible (such as a list), or an actual decision you arrive at.  

Time to Think

Explore your values, goals & purpose so you can work out how to stay true to them

Checking in with

your coach helps you

keep up the momentum

so you don't give up

Provides structure, tools, techniques and a new way of thinking that enables you to get more done




Somewhere safe, non-judgemental and helpful to share your thoughts so you can express how you really feel and work out what you really want

Coach challenges with questions, whilst being encouraging and supportive

Coach helps you stick to YOUR agenda so you get the RESULTS you want

Coach believes in you and has YOUR best interests at heart!

Life coaching is an investment that will benefit your entire life!

Examples include: 

Clients often talk to me about relationships (I specialise in 'Gender Intelligence'), with their partners, families, colleagues and for insights into understanding themselves better. We focus on self-esteem and communication.


The aim of our sessions is to give you the space to think and the tools to help you have a happier, more fulfilled life being the best version of yourself.

“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them trust you.”

— Name, Title

“You have helped us more in this conversation than anyone has in 30 years!”

— L & E, Brother & Sister