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Life Coaching

It's good to talk, as Bob Hoskins used to say in those BT adverts :-). 


We typically feel relief, clarity and inspiration after a good conversation. However, do you ever notice when talking to someone, they interrupt with "Oh, that happened to me...” right when you’re in the middle of expressing yourself? Suddenly it’s about them (after all, it's only fair to share...). Sometimes difficult to share in depth with those closest to us - they may judge us, worry, feel jealousy, or have too much going on to fully be there.

Being truly listened to can be a striking experience, in part because it is so rare. Conversations can be very therapeutic, however sometimes we may not be able to confide in the people around us. Over the thirteen years I have been coaching, many people have said that they have found me easier to talk to than anyone else - maybe because I don't hold any judgement and am so passionate about helping people feel heard and validated. I will help you unravel your thoughts, share insights into why things may be the way they are, and give you the environment to create positive change in your life.  

​The right conversation can make all the difference. One that’s focused solely on you, with a qualified life & relationship coach holding over 13 years' experience.

It's like a puzzle...

Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle: having the space to lay out all the pieces helps us to see where each individual piece fits – or not – in the overall picture. You are the designer of your life. What kind of picture do you want to create?

As a qualified life coach with 13 years' experience, I ask questions in a way that get you thinking - and doing. Whether it's a feeling to explore, a decision to make or solution to find, here's your opportunity to have the personal space to work it all out.

Being heard, understood, challenged, encouraged - as well as knowing that you're going to 'report back' to your coach create a winning combination. Whatever your story, I'll be your personal supporter. I'll help keep you on track so you get more done and become the best version of yourself.